Bath Bomb | Twin | Blue & Violet

    Bath Bomb | Twin | Blue & Violet

    64.00 SR
    شامل الضريبة.

    Splittable bath bomb that enables you to give 2 unforgetta-bubble baths to your little ones: one blue, one violet. 
    This amazing duo meets all children needs when it comes to getting clean: it washes, soothes and provides hydration. 

    Gentle kids formula, made with natural and vegetable origin ingredients: 
    - Citric acid, aka PH regulator
    - Extracts of chamomile for a relaxing cruise
    - Sunflower oil with regenerative properties
    - Sweet almond oil and vegetable oil to leave little skins soft and moisturized. 
    - Tocophérol, aka Vitamin E, preservative and natural antioxidant  

    Made in EU / Poland

    معلومات إضافية
    اللون: المواد:
    أزرق ، بنفسجي ، أبيض
    الحجم: 20 ، 24
    100٪ بوليستر

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