Bath Crayons
Bath Crayons
Bath Crayons
Bath Crayons

    Bath Crayons

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    Hello I’m Inky India the Squid. Give your little artist my crayons at bathtime and they’ll be drawn into a world of fun. Totally plastic-free and mess-free, these crayons won’t stain their skin or the bath, easily washing away when bathtime is over.

    Featuring all the colors of a coral reef: Red, yellow, green, black, blue and orange!

    How to use:

    Great for bath time these crayons will keep your little ones entertained whilst they express their creativity on the bathtub or tile walls!

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    اللون: المواد:
    أزرق ، بنفسجي ، أبيض
    الحجم: 20 ، 24
    100٪ بوليستر

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