Snuggle Bib Waterproof | Sunrise

    Snuggle Bib Waterproof | Sunrise

    75.00 SR
    شامل الضريبة.

    This sweet innovative Snuggle Bib is a simple yet beautiful way to wear a bib on your baby. keep mealtime mess to a minimum while making it fun and beautiful.

    Features include:

    - One size fits all


    -Easy wipe

    -Helps keep clothes clean

    -Handy in-built pocket to catch food and spills

    -Soft & lightweight

    -Adjustable Neck Strap

    -Easy to roll up and travel on the go

    -Made from baby safe PU and 100% Cotton fabric

    -BPA & Phthalate Free

    معلومات إضافية
    اللون: المواد:
    أزرق ، بنفسجي ، أبيض
    الحجم: 20 ، 24
    100٪ بوليستر

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