Bath Bomb | Galaxy | Comet

    Bath Bomb | Galaxy | Comet

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    Lightly scented, effervescent and cleansing bath bomb for kids. It turns the water into a blue paradise cruise!
    Vegan, cruelty free

    Relaxing and hydrating bath bomb for kids
    Comet provides a super goodness trip:
    - Citric acid for PH régulation and natural effervescence
    - Camomille extracts turns the fun into a relaxing experience
    - Sunflower oil to nourish and regenerate fragile and sensitive skin
    - Sweet Salmond oil with hydrating properties
    - Vitamine E, a natural anti-oxydant preservative agent

    Recyclable packaging, using vegetable ink. 
    Dermatologically tested

Use only for kids aged 3 and over, under adult surveillance
    Made in EU (Poland)

    How do we get this magic bathing experience?
Mostly from baking soda, a mixture of sodium and hydrogen carbonate.
Commonly used for baking, it is also favoured in cosmetics and has awesome skin properties: soothing, exfoliating and brightening. Combined with citrus acid, this light fine white powder puts on a great bubbly show when dissolving in water. 

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester

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