Totem Set | Like an Egyptian

Totem Set | Like an Egyptian

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Totem Like An Egyptian set
Each level reveals a beauty gem: lip gloss upstairs, water-based nail polish in the middle and glitter body gel downstairs. 

- 1 glitter pink water-based nail polish, aka Sissi 
Easy to remove with just soap and water!

- 1 fruity lip gloss, aka Roulette. 
97% ingrédients of natural origin, made with apricot kernel oil (hydrating powers)

- 1 roll-on body gel, aka Body Rollette.
Formulated with aloe vera. 90% ingrédients of natural origin.
Body Rollette can be applied on the body (legs, arms, etc) but not on the face. It’s indeed a higher sensitive zone that requires specific products. Even if all our products are dermatologically tested, we recommend that you run a test on a neutral zone (think forearms), as each skin can react differently. 


Rollette and Body Rollette are colorless on skin and strawberry scented.
A one of a kind present that makes little adventurous minds truly happy! 

Vegan and Cruelty free
Made in France.