Baby Bottle | Blush
Baby Bottle | Blush
Baby Bottle | Blush
Baby Bottle | Blush

    Baby Bottle | Blush

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    Size: Small (S - 150 ml).

    Ideal birth bottle for infants. The soft medical silicone texture of the bottle and its small size (150 ml) limit the absorption of air by babies and reduce the risk of infant colic and stomach aches. The 150 ml anti-colic bottle is ideally suited to the small quantities of milk that babies take in the first few weeks of life.

    Made from the latest generation of medical grade silicone, the Élhée bottle is free of any substance harmful to the health of babies (0% bisphenol, phthalate, etc.). Zero risk of migration of plastic microparticles into babies' milk.

    Thanks to its natural, rounded design, its suppleness and its "peach skin" effect texture, which resembles the touch of the skin, the BibRound Elhée is also very popular with mixed breastfeeding babies. It is equally suitable for breastfed babies (with a teat slow flow breastfeeding) than to bottle-fed babies!

    Size: Medium (M - 240 ml).

    BibRond Élhée 240 ml, anti-colic in 100% clean and unbreakable medical silicone - Medium flow physiological teat (M). The most versatile format, to cover the needs of babies from 0 to 9 months (and more if affinity...).

    The soft and delicate texture of this Elhée bottle helps to awaken baby's senses and gently supports the maternal bond. Its ergonomic design and lightness allow baby to take it independently from the first months.


    • Unbreakable and durable silicone bottle with a 100% CLEAN composition, free of substances likely to harm the health of babies (no BPA, BPS, Phthalate...), nor any risk of migration of plastic micro-particles into the milk.
    • Physiological bottle with an ultra-efficient anti-colic system, to avoid any risk of digestive discomfort.
    • French bottle made in Rhône-Alpes and assembled in ESAT.
    • Ergonomically designed bottle for easy handling from the first months of life.
    • Sensory bottle with a soft and supple texture that helps to awaken the senses and gently supports the maternal bond.
    • Evolving bottle that transforms into a small pot or hermetic container thanks to its silicone lid.
    • The bottle complies with the most demanding standards EN 14350-1 / 14350-2 - FDA, US-CPSIA, California PROP 65 and SOR.

    Reheating: Elhée silicone bottles are compatible with all bottle warmers.
    The 150 ml and 240 ml bottles can be heated with the following bottle warmers:

    • Baby Milk Second by Béaba.
    • Maternity by Bébé Comfort.
    • Nomad by Izybaby.

    They can also be safely placed in a container in a bain-marie or microwave.

    Maintenance: The BibRond can be completely dismantled for perfect hygiene and hand cleaning without the need for a brush. It is compatible with the use of the sterilizer, freezer, dishwasher and bain-marie.
    Beware of the risk of discoloration in the dishwasher. Contact with carrot juice, tomato juice or other colored oils may change the color.

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester

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